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What are the two types of flat mirror seals for rubber seal manufacturers?_Rubber seals_Rubber seal manufacturers

by:ORK      2022-11-27
What are the two types of plane mirror seals? The plane static seals can be divided into two categories: occasions under internal pressure and occasions with external pressure. In the case of internal pressure, in principle, the O-ring outer diameter D is matched, and in the case of external pressure, the O-ring inner diameter d is in principle matched. Since the collapse rate is usually not a problem during installation, it can be considered that the elongation of the bolt and the deformation of the flange surface after being subjected to pressure are larger than that of the cylindrical static seal. In this case, since it is not attached to the wall, it may wear or fall off due to pressure changes, so please do not use it. When the inner diameter is relatively large (above Φ 150) and the cut diameter is relatively small (below Φ 3), the O-ring may fly out, be clamped and a part of the O-ring will be trimmed as shown in Figure-5. out, a coarser cut diameter can be used. In the case of using and bearing internal pressure, the D size is relatively small (about Φ30 or less), and sometimes the installation is not suitable, the D size is preferably slightly larger (about 0.2 ~ 0.3mm) is more convenient. More information on rubber seals seals is here
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