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What are the typical features of silicone foam gaskets main?

by:ORK      2020-07-07
Silicone foam strip as the name suggests is a kind of strip with foaming properties and bonding properties, is also more commonly used in all kinds of sealing a cross section of a strip is in the shape of honeycomb. Silicone foam article belongs to the extruding silicone class, its main characteristics: 1, environmental protection, insulation, high temperature resistant, resistant to compression, good resilience; 2, small tolerance, foam density uniform surface; 3, acid and alkali resistance, ageing resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless. 4, good surface viscosity, permeability is good, etc. So the silicone foam strip is mainly used for furniture of form a complete set equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronics, hardware, medical equipment, sports goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobile, container seal, building curtain wall sealing and other industries. Seal 17 years focused on custom all kinds of silicone foam gaskets, seals, seals and other rubber seals seal of the professional factory of rubber seals seals, has formed the raw material preparation, mold development, product molding one-stop production mode, production of silicone foam strip: irregular micro pore structure density, aperture size is the same, density is small, stable geometrical dimension and smooth surface are of good quality and can be widely used in sealing, shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, electrical and mechanical industries. Welcome contact seal if you have special demand, professional technical project for you to customize a suitable silicone foam strip seal products, such as hotline:!
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