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by:ORK      2020-07-25
O-rings is the most widely used in all seal products, production process is more simple, more application materials. Type O sealing ring is a typical by extrusion deformation of the sealing effect, installed with sealing surface contact pressure, when pressure is greater than the pressure of sealing medium in sealing effect, less than when the leak occurs. Found in many products test, most of the damage reasons of type O sealing ring, comes not from the design of the o-rings or stress, a good design if only unilaterally increase pressure, will not cause type O sealing ring is damaged, the fundamental reason is due to the working environment of the permanent deformation under high temperature and high pressure type O sealing ring and is in clearance of bites. The causes of type O sealing ring permanent deformation are the following: 1, the amount of O sealing ring compression and tensile of factors. Because type O sealing ring rubber recipe is different, so different enterprises production amount of O sealing ring compression and tensile quantity is also different. Products under the conditions of long-term compression will produce compression stress relaxation of the imagination, this phenomenon will gradually expand over time, the longer the smaller amount of compression and tensile rate will, make its elasticity is insufficient cause leakage phenomenon, the most direct method of change is to increase the section size of products, but also leads to the increase of product on the structure. 2, the relationship between temperature and type O sealing ring chi zhang process temperature for Zhang Chidu type O sealing ring is very important, no matter what kind of rubber material, under the high temperature will speed up the aging speed, when the environment temperature, the higher the gas compression deformation will be larger, more than 40% of the time when the product deformation, o-rings will slowly lose elasticity ability, cause leakage. When the installation type O sealing ring will be the initial stress, these will be asleep long relaxation of the sealing ring and temperature gradually reduce and slowly disappear, in some cases could disappear as the temperature decreased sharply, even if the rubber material is resistant to low temperature, when compared with 20 degrees of stress, also not greater than 25%, so the installation type O sealing ring set when the initial stress and temperature factors in working environment should be fully considered. 3, medium pressure influence on deformation type o sealing ring. Compared with the above two factors, the pressure of the medium for type O sealing ring deformation is bigger, the influence of the deformation is caused type O sealing ring in working condition of all one of the most common situation, with the development of modern hydraulic set other, increasing pressure for the hydraulic medium, type O sealing ring for a long period of time in this kind of high-pressure work environment, can lead to permanent deformation of o-rings, the deformation is irreversible, so different material should be chosen according to different working pressure, choose the relative pressure rubber material, corresponding to cope with the higher working pressure and pressure material to seal the hardening degree will also along with the higher. The pressure of the working medium is the main factor causing type O sealing ring permanent deformation. Modern hydraulic equipment work stress are increasing. The long time of high pressure changes type O sealing ring permanent deformation. Therefore, the design should be according to the working pressure to choose the appropriate pressure rubber seals materials. The higher the pressure of work, the hardness of the material used and high pressure resistance should be higher. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Quotations from type O sealing ring manufacturer
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