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What does a rubber O-ring look like?

by:ORK      2022-11-07
What does a rubber seals O-ring look like? Generally speaking, there are four types of leakage of gaskets: page leakage, wetting leakage, dispersion leakage, and destruction leakage. Dispersion and leakage: Driven by concentration differences, materials leak through sealing gaps or capillary transport of sealing materials. Dispersion is the result of molecular motion, not unidirectional. Seal with a small differential pressure or vacuum, or seal nitrogen. Hydrogen and other toxic substances such as hydrogen. Special attention is paid to soaking and dispersing radioactive elements. Destruction and leakage: Compared with extremes, the working conditions of the sealing position have large thermal expansion, are often subjected to vibration. Shock, improper equipment, excessive tightening force, repeated application, shrinkage deformation, thermal stress concentration, exceeding fatigue limit, material aging. Growth etc. will form a destructive leak. This kind of leakage has the greatest impact and great damage, so it is necessary to strengthen prevention. Page leakage: Because the gasket is not tight enough, the page is not tight enough, the smoothness of the flange contact surface is improper, and the flange deformation will leak on the sealing interface. Flange surfaces can be clamped with cushion material. Soak leakage: Since most of the raw materials of soft materials are fibers, they are easily soaked by substances, especially pressure effects. Due to the appearance of the pores, substances can seep into the low pressure side, creating a dip.
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