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What does the fluororubber sealing ring tell you about the frosting condition?

by:ORK      2022-11-04
What does the fluororubber sealing ring tell you about the frosting status? Brief description of frosting vulcanized rubber seals can be divided into unvulcanized rubber and vulcanized rubber. Blossom is the essence of things in which liquid or solid mutual compounding agents are removed from the interior of the vulcanized rubber to the surface of the vulcanized rubber. It can be seen that the internal compounding agent of the vulcanized rubber is separated to form a bloom. Specifically, there are several methods for frosting vulcanized rubber seals. Namely powder spraying, wax spraying, oil pump. Powder spraying is a powdery compounding agent such as vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator, surfactant, antioxidant, filler, etc., which are separated on the surface of vulcanized rubber to form layers of powder. Waxing is the separation of paraffin, ceresin and other waxy substances on the surface of vulcanized rubber to form layers of wax films. The oil pump is a combination of liquid additives such as softeners, tackifiers, lubricating fluids, and flame retardants that are separated from the surface of the vulcanized rubber to form layers of oil. Combined with reality, the method of frosting on the surface of vulcanized rubber is sometimes shown in this way, and sometimes it is shown in two or more ways together. The overall planning of the secret recipe is improper: the rounded spray is more common in sulfur powder, vulcanization accelerator, surfactant, and antioxidant. The demolition spray is more common in processing aids and demolition antioxidants. The antistatic agent is converted into spray and is more common in sulfur powder In vulcanized rubber system software, vulcanization accelerator is combined with strong reaction. Strong reaction and retention are more common in organic chemical peroxide. Vulcanized rubber system software. Improper points The mixed rubber is not uniform and the composition is not loose, and the temperature of the rubber compound is too high across the fullness, so that the compounding agent is too much and part of the weighing is inaccurate (overweight, underweight, missed, wrong) The temperature of the vulcanized rubber is too high High, the polymer material dissolves to form the frosted vulcanized rubber. The temperature is too low, the composition is strong and the reaction is not complete and the undersulfurized frosted vulcanized rubber occurs at a bad time. At the same time, the quality of raw materials that make up the whitened surface of vulcanized rubber varies depending on the origin of raw materials, different production methods, different techniques, and different raw materials in large batches. The composition of raw rubber is technical: polymer temperature, metal catalyst, composition, etc. The difference in solubility leads to the difference in solubility. Purity, moisture, ash, pH value, physical effects, etc., change storage standard deviation, temperature, and the solubility of compounding agents in vulcanized rubber generally follow the temperature of the elevator and the elevator time ( Working pressureenvironmental humidity) The working pressure of the vulcanized rubber in storage, the ambient humidity of the surrounding gas and its time to the solubility of the mutual compounding agent are also harmful, generally speaking, the harm is not great. However, if the working pressure is very high, the mutual complexing agent in the vulcanized rubber at the stress position will form a crystal nucleus, which will be separated from the surface of the vulcanized rubber to form a bloom; if the ambient humidity of the gas is too high, the optically active mutual complexing agent in the vulcanized rubber will be formed. The actual effect on raw rubber becomes weaker, and the solubility of the mutual compounding agent decreases, which subsequently leads to blooming; the longer the storage time, the more obvious the blooming on the surface of the vulcanized rubber, because the temperature and humidity of the gas in the natural storage environment vary with the season. , and very different, very simply make up the onset of solubility change of the interacting agent, which subsequently leads to blooming. Embrittlement of vulcanized rubber Most of the brittleness of vulcanized rubber leads to the destruction of the well-balanced and balanced porous structure of the vulcanized rubber, and subsequently also destroys the organic chemistry among the various interacting agents and the molecular structure of the raw rubber in the vulcanized rubber system software and its interacting agents. physical or physical fusion that reduces the solubility of the interacting agent within the vulcanizate system software. Therefore, some of these complexing agents in an over-rounded state are separated from the mineral acid in the vulcanized rubber to form a bloom. Frosting not only harms the appearance quality of the finished product, but also makes the surface of the finished product appear whitish, yellow, gray and blue. Occasionally, it also shows sparkles and matte surfaces. It will also endanger the technical function of plastic particles and the physical function of vulcanized rubber, reduce the self-adhesion of plastic particles and cause difficulties in forming, and endanger the adhesion of plastic particles to the skeleton diagram of textiles and metal materials. The frost spray is not optimistic, and it will also cause scorch of plastic particles and embrittlement of finished products. If the key components of blooming are sulfur and vulcanization accelerator, the concentration of vulcanizing agent and vulcanization accelerator close to the surface of the plastic pellets is quite large, and it is very easy to cause scorch during storage and production. When vulcanizing rubber, the outer surface and inner vulcanized rubber are composed. uneven.
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