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What is polyurethane? What are its product series and foaming process?

by:ORK      2022-10-28
Polyurethane products, the material used is polyurethane, so before understanding polyurethane products, the editor thinks it is necessary to understand the material of polyurethane, so as to better understand the relevant knowledge content of polyurethane products. So below, we will expand the specific content, so that everyone can have a basic understanding and understanding of it. First of all, what is polyurethane? Regarding this issue, from a professional point of view, it is: Polyurethane, its full name is polyurethane, is formed by polyaddition of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound. Polyurethane is a material that has a wide range of uses, so it can be used instead of rubber seals, plastic and nylon. , apartments, villas and parks and other places. 1. Polyurethane product series TDI series: mainly used in cleaners, universal casters and rack accessories. MDI series: It is non-toxic and tasteless, very environmentally friendly, mainly used in medical and high-end villa decoration. NDI series: It has better temperature resistance and better wear resistance. PPDI series: mainly used in expansion pipes. 2. Polyurethane rigid foam foaming process Prepolymer method: It is to make prepolymer first, then add water, catalyst, surfactant and other additives, and mix and foam at high speed. After curing, in It can be cooked at a certain temperature. Semi-prepolymer method: that is to make part of polyether polyol and diisocyanate into prepolymer, and then add water, catalyst, surfactant and other additives to the other part, and finally mix and foam these two parts at high speed. . Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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