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by:ORK      2020-07-09
Filter in the sealing ring with rectangular sealing ring more commonly, due to its compared with arc seal or half seal, the sealing effect is relatively better, so what are the advantages of filter with rectangular sealing ring? 1, the filter with rectangular sealing ring can be made of rubber seals tubing size precision cutting, high production efficiency, cost savings; 2, pressure distribution and uniform, high operating reliability, good sealing performance and long life; 3, when installation will not distorted phenomenon, rectangular sealing ring section good stability; Four and a half, circular circle or arc seal under the large pulse force, along with the movement of sealing ring sealing medium, when pulse force decreased, namely negative pressure, the seal leakage phenomenon. And filter with rectangular sealing ring due to its own characteristics will not appear this kind of phenomenon. 5, the circular sealing ring or half arc sealing ring in long-term frequent vibration or alternating stress under the action of cycle, such as sealing ring can be squeezed out from the seal clearance and damage, under the same conditions, rectangular sealing ring does not have this kind of phenomenon. 6 and a half, the circular sealing ring or circular ring due to the stress area is small, if the compression force is too large, can make the sealing ring fracture, and rectangular sealing ring is not. Filter with a rectangular sealing ring relative to the circular sealing ring or half arc sealing ring is obvious advantages, when choosing the filter sealing ring should be chosen according to the structure design as the rectangular sealing ring. Seal 18 years sealing ring filter manufacturers, for Honda, Toyota, mercedes-benz, BMW, etc many famous enterprises supporting cooperation, hotline:.
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