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What is the cause of the oil spill rubber seal produce?

by:ORK      2020-07-17
seals used in the mechanical equipment of oil will inevitably happen, when one is caused by rubber seals seal aging damage of oil spill, another case is the sealing parts and machinery and aspects. 1, rubber seals, sealing material hardening burst and oil hardening, rupture mismatch can cause the seals. Compound after thermal decomposition of gas in the oil and rubber seals, make its hardening, rupture, resulting in seal oil. So should according to the types of hydraulic oil, selection and its matching oil resistant rubber seal material. 2, seal burning, carbonization using U, Y, V seal, such as air will accumulate at the edge of the hollow inside and outside lips, when you start do not air, the air is compressed quickly produce high temperature, causing burned, carbide, thus the oil seal. Therefore, in the hydraulic cylinder as far as possible before the start of all the air in the cylinder, don't immediately high-speed movement, the assembly must be in the valley of pr department when filled with grease, in order to prevent the accumulation of air. 3, swelling rubber seal oil and seal materials do not match, with soft seal swelling; Choose improper cleaning fluid, such as clean with cleaning fluid and gas invasion stains rubber seals seals, swelling its residual liquid seal. 4, lip at the top of the incision, dent and sliding surface sliding seal assembly without using special tools, or hanging on the wire deposit for a long time, all can seal damage and oil leakage. U-shaped seal used in the installation to the lip from tooling, it can effectively avoid lip seal is broken. 5, lip crack back pressure on the high side, too fast, pulse pressure is too big, can cause lip craze. Can increase the support ring and buffer device, thus protect the seals from damage. 6, seal wear slip surface micro low pressure too high or when the schedule is too small, all can make oil membrane rupture, inadequate lubrication, mirror surface wear, should improve the rubber seal structure, increase the anti-wear ring. 7, the roots of extrusion if the pressure on the seal instead of the gap behind the does not adapt, improper use or bearing ring, can make rubber seal roots into the gap and damage, resulting in leakage. Setting up reasonable support ring to prevent rubber seals the roots out. seal is not a certain factors exist alone, tend to be several reasons for work at the same time, therefore should be considered. Sealing pieces 18 years of professional manufacturers, such as the problem you have more rubber seals, welcome to contact us:.
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