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What is the common cause of damage to the sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-10-23
The invalidity of products such as silicone seals, skeleton seals, etc. is a situation that often occurs in many mechanical equipment and electronic industries. Usually, it is likely to have serious adverse effects due to the lack of a sealing feature. The key reason for its invalidity is due to the raw materials and their products. Caused by three factors such as manufacturing and function, what problems must be paid attention to in the whole process of application of silicone seals? The general reasons for the ineffectiveness of the silicone rubber sealing ring are as follows: 1. Abnormal sound When the hydraulic cylinder is working under the condition of high pressure and low gear, sometimes it will make a sound. The reason is that when the Y-shaped sealing ring is dragged along the shaft or the inner cavity of the cylinder, the vulcanized rubber and the surface of the metal material are temporarily adhered and released, which will reduce the service life of the sealing equipment. The solution is to reduce the frictional resistance of the vulcanized rubber seals, so that the sealing surface maintains a continuous grease film; it should also be noted that the viscosity of the substance or lubricating fluid during work does not have to be too low. 2. Root damage When the root of the sealing ring is damaged seriously, it will cause leakage. The main reason for root damage is caused by large sliding friction and dry friction. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the relationship between the inner diameter of the sealing ring and the hole shaft and pipe groove specifications. 3. Floating dust damages the intrusion of sludge, floating dust and sand into the hydraulic cylinder, which usually causes abnormal friction coefficients of the silicone sealing ring. A dustproof ring should be set at the extended end of the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the actual effect of anti-fouling and prevent harm. The residue gets into the hydraulic cylinder. 4. The rotation is invalid. If the external torque caused by the sliding friction exceeds the torsion resistance of the sealing ring during exercise, the sealing ring will be turned over or partially turned over, and the sealing ability will be lost. In order to avoid the seal overturning, the strength of the plastic pellets can be increased or the supporting point ring can be selected. Setting the support point ring has a good practical effect on avoiding various displacements of the Y-shaped sealing ring in the installation groove. The Y-shaped seal can also be prevented from turning over after being embedded in the retaining ring. 5. Gap bite The situation and reason of the gap bite of the Y-ring seal are similar to that of the O-ring, which occurs at the root. In the same way, the countermeasures are: limit the sealing gap according to the pressure, and use the Y-ring material appropriately. For the Y-shaped sealing ring whose working pressure is greater than 16MPa, a retaining ring should be set or a special sealing ring with a retaining ring at the root should be used. The retaining ring is generally made of plastic materials with high rigidity, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, acrylic resin, etc.
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