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by:ORK      2020-07-31
Now more and more application field put forward the antistatic demand, especially the rubber in the expansion of the electronic computer USES, and additional risk of electrostatic generation, and the awareness of electrostatic are also improved. Many countries for anti-static measures is becoming more and more standardized. One of the most important is to develop a variety of anti-static devices, anti-static rubber seals is one of the antistatic silicone products should not only guide in addition to electrostatic effect, and can prevent the low voltage line leak caused by electric shock accidents. According to different purposes, antistatic silica gel can be divided into the following categories: 1 crisis occurs, easy in some places, such as the accumulation of electrostatic road surface and tire you need to use antistatic silicone. They compared with metal or concrete pavement materials, more can ensure workplace safety and health, and prevent electrostatic effect is good. 2, flammable and explosive liquid in the process of transportation, is the possibility of fire and explosion. In this case, based on electric insulation performance is good rubber seals hoses can easily catch on fire. If the oil hose can antistatic, can guarantee the safety of oil transportation. 3, used in explosive, inflammable places antistatic conveyer belt, can remove the accident caused by sparks, especially in the place of tape conveyer chemical fiber, which can effectively prevent more because of the fiber was adsorbed on the surface with body caused by the fire accident. 4, some factory production site, the required highly clean, need to establish a long-term anti-static environment, have to use anti-static equipment. is electrical insulating material, when its surface by friction, in the static state of charge accumulation, formation of static electricity. When the accumulation to a certain amount, then released in the form of a spark. If discharge light, does not constitute a hazard to human body, but discharge to a certain extent, can cause electric shock. In order to ensure the personal safety, use the rubber in this situation, must be able to guide in addition to electrostatic antistatic silica gel. Electrostatic risks to roughly the following: 1, when the electrostatic discharge, around if there is a fire, inflammable, explosive, the result will be a fire; 2, wounded body, although the shock generally does not belong to a deadly, but always harmful to human body; 3, with the surface of the electrostatic adsorption dust around them. Roller mills, for example, when drafting the yarn, and yarn produced by friction between static electricity. When the accumulation to a certain extent, can adsorption in the air around fly yarn, affect the operation. In short, is not an exact definition of antistatic prevent the generation of static electricity, but to eliminate electrostatic has accumulated. The above description is for reference only, want to learn more knowledge about conductive silicone and antistatic silicone, please contact, let professional technical knowledge on silica gel
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