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What is the difference between fluororubber sealing ring and silicone sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-10-21
What is the difference between fluororubber sealing ring and silicone sealing ring? Silicone sealing ring: heat-resistant (heat-resistant 300°C) and cold-resistant (-100°C) is another excellent vulcanized rubber that is resistant to cold and high temperature; excellent dielectric strength, high reliability against causticization and active oxygen, and very plastic physical properties The disadvantage is that the rigidity plate has low resistance, poor water washability, water washability and corrosion resistance, and cannot vulcanize rubber, which is more expensive. Fluorine rubber sealing ring: heat resistance up to 300°C, do not have to worry about acid and alkali, the wear resistance is excellent in acid and alkali resistant vulcanized rubber, and the radiation hazard resistance and high vacuum value are very good; it is an overall styrene-butadiene rubber with overall characteristics. The disadvantages are poor processability, increased cost, poor cold resistance, low ductility and air permeability. Fluorine rubber sealing ring application: Fluorine content polyurethane elastomer is widely used in the automotive industry because of its excellent flame retardancy, sealing performance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water washing resistance, flame retardancy, acid resistance and acid resistance. , the whole course of organic chemistry, aerospace and many daily tasks. Aging resistance. It is worth mentioning that the fluororubber sealing ring is a sealing ring that can be used under the standard of high vacuum pump below 1.33*10-7pa, and other vulcanized rubber seals cannot be used for sealing. Manufacturers all over the world use it to produce and manufacture goods, for example, the company's commodity stamps use such raw materials.
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