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by:ORK      2020-07-30
Generally the two forming modes with the common rubber products moulded rubber seals and extruding bar, both use different rubber seals products, its advantages and disadvantages are also different, and moulded rubber seals and extruding bar specific what's the difference? One, the craft that make different 1, moulded rubber seal is in the closed mold cavity with the help of heat, pressure and molding for rubber seals, generally is good rubber seals smelting in a heated mold cavity, and then closed die pressure, make its forming and vulcanization, then through stripping. 2, extruding bar generally selected extruder, the nose and mouth mould, and finalize the design and drawing the corresponding auxiliary device, and then determine the extrusion processing conditions such as screw speed, head pressure, material temperature, and finalize the design temperature, pulling speed, etc. Extruding bar further sulfide. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of moulded rubber seals seals, advantages: 1, 1) Available to make a variety of shapes, 2) High precision, the product shape rules beautiful 2, disadvantages: ( 1) Normally only do length less than 1300 mm ( 2) Production cycle is long, low efficiency, 3) Production process will produce a lot of burrs and scrap ( 4) Mould cost is expensive, development cycle is long. Three, the advantages and disadvantages of extruding bar 1, advantages: ( 1) Can be infinitely long ( 2) Quick production cycle, high capacity, 4) Little waste generated ( 5) Mold is cheap, convenient rapid development. 2, disadvantages: ( 1) Can only make it strips ( 2) Almost, precision parts moulded rubber seals and extruding bar shape is difficult to production advantages and disadvantages of each technology products, selection of molding process is different, you also need to choose according to their own products. 18 years seal manufacturers, can be customized according to the requirements of different requirement of seal, know more information of rubber seals, consultation:.
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