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What is the difference between silicone seals and plastic?

by:ORK      2020-07-06
Although the silicone seal in general is a good softness, plastic is more hard, but it is not as to determine whether the product silicone or plastic, plastic can also be made of soft rubber seals, the seal is to introduce the silicone seal and the difference between pieces of plastic. 1, silicone seal is non-toxic tasteless, and most commonly used in the industry had a pungent odor, if the silicone seal met with a strong flavor, this product can not buy, if is a mild taste mostly used when silicone seal mould release agent, flavor natural placed a period of time to eliminate, physiological inertia and chemical stability of silica gel seal to be higher than the plastic products, plastic chemical stability. 2, silicone seal USES is environmental protection material, silica gel seal service life is long, high flexibility, non-slip, shock-proof, high temperature resistant, but not for plastic parts, plastic parts and easy to fade, easy to produce harmful substances. 3, in the process of production, the silicone seal stripping more easily than plastic products, easy to clean. Silicone seal security environmental protection, so not only is more and more widely used in industrial, life without the shadow of the silica gel products. Sealing pieces 18 years of professional manufacturers, according to need to custom fit for the customer the silicone seal, if you have more questions, welcome to consult at any time.
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