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What is the difference between silicone tube and rubber tube?

by:ORK      2022-10-19
First of all, through the material ratio of silicone tube and rubber tube, we can find their difference. Smell with the nose, silicone has no smell, rubber seals has a smell, silicone is generally more flexible, and rubber is mechanically better. The silicone tube has high and low temperature resistance (-60℃~200℃), environmental protection and non-toxicity, excellent thermal oxygen aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, light aging resistance and weather aging resistance, softness, arc resistance and corona resistance. The biggest feature of the silicone tube is its resistance to temperature changes from -60 degrees to 250 degrees, but the cost is very expensive and there is no requirement for the hose. The pressure-resistant silicone tube can also withstand pressure. Silicone tube is 100% completely non-toxic and odorless: fine silicone wire, silicone tube (strip), high pressure resistant silicone tube, gear-shaped silicone tube, sealing strip, special-shaped strip, food-grade (non-toxic) silicone tube (strip), Medical silicone tube, medicinal silicone tube, braided silicone tube (used for conveying working pressure, liquid food, pharmaceuticals and biological products.), medical silicone tube joint, silicone sealing tube, flame retardant tube (strip), silicone foam Tube (strip), high temperature resistant silicone tube; performance: cold and high temperature resistance. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless; suitable for: small household appliances (coffee maker, kettle, iron, rice cooker, fryer, sterilizer, water dispenser, pulp maker, bread maker, gas appliance, water heater, etc.) and electronic, Matching of automotive, medical and other mechanical products. Main properties of rubber tube: rubber tube is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, physiologically inert, resistant to ultraviolet rays, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance, permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance , acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant, voltage resistance, electrical conductivity and other properties. Scope of application: supporting electrical appliances, electronics, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles and other industries. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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