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What is the heat resistance of food grade fluororubber oil seals?

by:ORK      2022-10-27
What is the heat resistance of food grade fluororubber oil seals? Fluorine rubber filler has good heat resistance, it can work for a long time at 200~250℃, and also work for a short time below 300℃. With the increase of temperature, the tensile strength and strength of fluorine rubber decreased significantly. The variation characteristics of tensile strength and strength are as follows: 150 °C decreases rapidly with the increase of temperature; in the middle of 150-260 °C, with the increase of temperature, the downward trend becomes slower. The food grade fluororubber oil seal can guarantee the elastic limit temperature of -15~-20℃. At low temperature, with the decrease of temperature, the tensile strength becomes tougher. Thickness is 2. The ductility temperature of MM is -30°C; the temperature of 1.87MM thickness is -45°C; the temperature of thin 0.63MM is -53°C; the thickness of 0.25MM is -69°C. Generally, the use temperature of fluorine rubber can be slightly lower than the ductility temperature. Fluorine rubber has excellent corrosion resistance. to the potion. . Light fuel oil is different. Grease has good analytical stability and is good for most substances. Nitrogen oxides. Benzene. Xylene has good corrosion resistance. Fluorine rubber is used for sealing under high temperature, which is characterized by small deformation. Therefore, the application of binaural type fluorine rubber seals is very extensive, and it is inseparable from the improvement of reducing deformation. Fluorine rubber has good aging resistance and ozone resistance. After 10 years of natural storage, the effect of VITONA is still satisfactory. In the air with a carbon dioxide concentration of 0.01MM, the effect of 45 days has no obvious rupture.
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