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What is the main cause of mechanical seal leakage?

by:ORK      2020-08-04
Mechanical seal sealing effect directly affect the operation of machine machine, so the seal sealing performance is also often need to test, and the mechanical seal leakage, axial leakage is more common, namely between the axle housing and shaft leakage. Is generally believed that the leakage of the shaft between the impeller lock the mother didn't lock tight result in the leakage of the shaft between many factors, such as axial failure, migration, contains impurities between shaft, shaft and shaft sleeve fit place there will be a larger shape error, contact surface damage, shaft have clearance between components, shaft thread is too long can lead to leakage between shaft. Mother lock lock will only cause axial mat premature failure, on the contrary moderately lock lock mother, keep axial mat compression elasticity, lock the mother in operation will automatically lock timely, remain the state of good sealing between the shaft. It is important to note that although the effect of using the new mechanical seal is better than the old, but the quality of the new mechanical seal, choice of material is not at the time, coordination size error is meeting influence the effect of the seal. So the change of new mechanical seal not only have to choose the right size, you also need to pay more attention to the performance of the material problem, sealing seal manufacturers, 17 years can be on-demand custom fit for the customer the mechanical seals, to figure or to sample customization:.
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