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What is the method of distinguishing the true and false materials of silicone rubber products

by:ORK      2022-10-31
No matter how much justification and cover-up are made, colloidal products can’t cover up the strong chemical compounds, and when it comes to chemicals, most of them are related to environmental hazards, and neither plastic nor rubber can cover it, but silicone rubber products are different. , But usually most of my friends when it comes to colloidal products are purely in a certain preventive psychology, so here I will explain the practical method of distinguishing the true and false of the material of silica gel products. At present, there are many daily necessities in the silicone rubber product industry, medical equipment products and electronic accessories products are all made of silica gel, and silica gel is different from other types of glue because of its different chemical composition, which mainly contains silica. , Silicone resin, silicone oil, mixing vulcanizing agent and color rubber are free of harmful compounds. The silica gel material is still pure in certain counterfeit substances. For example, silica gel product manufacturers use low-cost raw materials to save costs, and raw material suppliers add catalysts to improve efficiency. Therefore, the methods to truly distinguish true from false and quality are introduced as follows: 1 , Color: Silicone rubber products can be equipped with various colors and can be adjusted according to the international Pantone color number, so there is no difference at all from the color, and there is no flaw after the appearance treatment, but the main thing is to stretch and look. Will the rebound appear whitish or light-transmitting? If so, the material may be a common material! 2. Hand feel: Hand feel is very important. Whether the silicone product is stretched, rebounded, deformed, or tough, it is very important. If Achieving the above properties is basically a high-quality material, and it is generally used for high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone mobile phone protective cover) and other products are widely used! 3. Open flame burning: This method is very effective, Generally, the material of high-quality silicone products is different from other rubber seals materials after being burned, and white smoke will emerge. After the surface of the product is burned, a white fog will appear. The material will appear yellowing and eventually a black residue will appear.
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