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What is the reason for the deformation of the rubber O-ring?

by:ORK      2022-11-08
O-ring is a commonly used rubber product. It is widely used, the production process is also very simple, and many raw materials are used. Most of the damage to the O-ring does not come from the overall design or working pressure of the rubber O-ring. If the overall design only increases the working pressure unilaterally, it will not cause damage to the O-ring seal. , The basic factor is the deformation of the O-ring seal under the ultra-high pressure and high temperature of the office environment and the bite generated when it is squeezed into the gap. The rubber O-ring is a very typical sealing effect caused by deformation caused by kneading. It causes contact stress with the raised surface during installation. When the working pressure exceeds the burden of the sealing material, the sealing effect is caused. cause leakage. So what are the factors that cause the deformation of rubber O-rings? 1. The amount of tightening and the amount of tension are indispensable factors. Because the composition of rubber O-ring plastic pellets is different, the amount of compression and tension of rubber O-rings manufactured by different companies are also different. Under the condition of long-term contraction, the commodity can cause the imagination of the stress relaxation of contraction. This kind of situation will follow the slow expansion from time to time. The longer the time is, the smaller the amount of contraction and tension will be, making it extend The lack of sexuality causes leakage, and the immediate change method is to increase the cross-sectional limit of the commodity, but it will also lead to the expansion of the structural characteristics of the commodity. 2. Temperature is a very critical factor. Temperature is very important for the relaxation of rubber O ring manufactures. No matter what kind of rubber seals raw material, it will accelerate its aging rate under continuous high temperature. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the O-ring will gradually lose its ductility and work ability, resulting in leakage. When the rubber O-ring is installed, the original ground stress will appear, which will gradually subside due to the long-term relaxation of the sealing ring and the gradual decrease in temperature. In some cases, it is likely to follow the large temperature increase Reduce and subside, even if the rubber raw material is resistant to low temperature, the ground stress caused by 20 degrees will not exceed 25%. Therefore, when setting the original ground stress when installing the rubber O-ring, the office environment must be considered. the temperature factor. 3. Material pressure is the culprit for the deformation of rubber O ring manufactures. Compared with the above two factors, the working pressure of the material is more harmful to the deformation of the rubber O-ring, which is a common situation in the working condition that causes the deformation of the rubber O-ring. The working pressure of the material is increasing, and the rubber O-ring will be deformed in such a high-pressure working environment for a long time. This kind of deformation is irreversible, so it is necessary to use different pressures for different pressures. For the same raw material, choose the rubber raw material that is relatively compressive. Correspondingly, in order to solve the higher pressure, the hardness of the rubber ring of the compressive raw material will also increase accordingly. For rubber O ring manufactures, deformation means that the tightness cannot be guaranteed. Although it does not seem to be a big problem, it often causes leakage of the hydraulic press system. When it is not optimistic, it will cause equipment problems, resulting in assets and even personal safety. casualties. How can we prevent the deformation of the O-ring? First of all, it is necessary to do a good job in the purchase of rubber O-rings. Its frictional resistance should be low, and its smoothness should be timely. Its surface should be smooth, not smooth and dirty. During the installation process, it is necessary to ensure the coaxial linearity of the installation and use, and the eccentricity cannot be too large. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the rationalization of the sealing system, and the limit deviation cannot be too large.
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