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by:ORK      2020-07-19
o-rings main use is widespread, and the office environment is various and complex, which stipulated that the plastic has some unique characteristics. In the hydraulic transmission system, must have excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, low shrink permanent deformation and certain tensile strength. As dynamic sealing, but meet the prescribed, plastic also should have good wear resistance and resilience feature. To unique material sealing the provisions of the plastic volume change in the material and the intensity change is smaller. Vulcanized rubber seals type O sealing ring used in various industrial equipment, the requirements of the working pressure, temperature, and its not the same as in the liquid and gas substances, under stationary or motion state of sealing effect. In sanitary ware, boats, cars, hardware, electronics, toys, household appliances, aerospace equipment, mechanical equipment, and various kinds of instrument equipment, a lot of use of various types of the sealing parts. Key to vulcanized rubber type O sealing ring sealing packing seal and repeated movement. To turn the fitness sealing, low gear rotating sealing equipment only. Vulcanized rubber type O sealing ring general installation out of round or external circular cross section for rectangle pipe trench inside the sealing effect. Vulcanized rubber type O sealing ring in acid and alkali resistance, strong acid, strong alkali, grinding, organic chemistry, corrosion and other natural environment still has good sealing, shock effect. Therefore, vulcanized rubber type O sealing ring is used in hydraulic and pneumatic rotation system software one of the most common hydraulic seals. General situation, vulcanized rubber seals recipe is made up of raw rubber, vulcanized rubber stabilizer reinforcing agent management system, safety management system, strengthening management system, soft management system. Secret recipe design goal is to find all sorts of interaction bicomponent best preparation, and good comprehensive benefit. And a standard rubber O ring is to consider the standard: 1, the first to be sure to consider seal performance index prescribed. 2, second plastic production and processing performance is good. 3, and to ensure the product quality under the premise of as far as possible choose low price, is derived from the rich and colorful, non-toxic or WeiDu, smooth features of raw materials. Mainly engaged in high polymer wear-resisting material, nitrile rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber, natural rubber seals, neoprene, rubber seal products such as research and development, production; Products are widely used in auto parts, household appliances, bathroom building materials, construction machinery, chemical machinery, food beer production line, motorcycle accessories, ship repair, lighting lamps and lanterns, furniture decoration and other industries, especially in the seal of imported equipment, mechanical parts design, manufacturing has 19 years of experience, can also be seen in surveying and mapping, and assembly. Contact phone number:
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