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What kind of characteristics can be called high quality sealing ring have?

by:ORK      2020-08-07
Sealing ring is mainly used to prevent leakage, its quality directly influences the quality of device objects, so choose a quality seal is also very important, so what kind of sealing ring can be high quality? Sealing ring manufacturer seal tell you. 1, have good sealing effect, with the increased pressure of the hydraulic oil automatically to improve the sealing effect; Even in poor working conditions, such as high pressure and high temperature, the leakage of hydraulic seal also have no obvious increase, leakage is very small. 2, in order to avoid or reduce the hydraulic equipment produce the bad phenomena, such as low pressure crawling seal with low frictional resistance and friction resistance, need to be very stable friction coefficient, low friction resistance. 3, because of the sealing ring may need to soak for a long time in the hydraulic oil, the swelling, dissolved, or embrittlement harden extremely easily, sealing function loss, so the sealing ring has good compatibility. 4, sealing ring has good flexibility, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and certain physical and mechanical strength etc. , and long service life. 5, seal surface machining accuracy high, appearance beautiful, no flash burr. Because the condition is different, each product use is important when choosing sealing ring need combined with the working condition and choosing the appropriate, 17 years of experience in development and production of sealing ring seal manufacturers, has a group of professional technical engineers, can according to customer demand for the customer design suitable sealing ring welcome to map design.
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