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by:ORK      2020-07-25
Seal is known to all the main role is to prevent leak, so a lot of people find vacuum seal, not leaking is qualified, but the seals as the important role of mechanical equipment, not just that simple. Accord with a standard seal must have necessary conditions which a few? Qualified seal need to satisfy the following conditions: 1, the first material is close-grained, not easy to leak working medium or material, because the seal itself role is to prevent leakage. 2, working medium for the seals have a good adaptability and stability. 3, with the proper mechanical strength and hardness, almost not affected by the influence of working medium, because of different material seal response to different working conditions is not the same. 4, seal good compressibility, little deformation. 5, good temperature adaptability, high temperature softening, decomposition of low temperature hardening. 6, small friction coefficient, good abrasion resistance. 7, good corrosion resistance, high temperature softening, don't break, low temperature hardening, not brittle. 8, and the sealing surface of joint flexibility and good elasticity. 9, seal good ozone resistance and aging resistance, long service life. Above is simple for everybody introduced some basic knowledge about packing, hope will be helpful to you. Seal products focus on production seals, sealing ring, rubber seals seal, o-rings, foam tape, filter sealing ring, oil seal and other kinds of rubber seals seal products, 19 years professional experience in technology, can customize the suitable products according to customer demand for the customer, dongguan seals manufacturer looking for ordering hotline:
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