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What material is fluorine rubber? The performance and application of fluororubber?

by:ORK      2022-11-03
1. Introduction of fluorine rubber rubber soft joints Vulcanized rubber seals has fluorine atoms in its molecular structure. The C-F bond energy formed by fluorine atoms and oxygen atoms is very high. In addition, fluorine atoms have a huge adsorption effect. The product makes fluorocarbon spray molecular structure chain The C-C bond energy in the fluorine atom increases, and it increases with the increase of its fluorination level; the fluorine atom can shield the C-C main bond well in many ways, thus ensuring the organic chemical inertness of the C-C bond. This kind of unique molecular formula makes fluorine rubber with excellent temperature resistance, drug resistance, water washing resistance, reduction resistance, high temperature vacuum pump resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and other non-specific properties. , 23 type; tetrapropylene fluorine rubber, fluorosilicone rubber, hydroxynitroso fluorine rubber, fluorinated phosphazene vulcanized rubber, perfluoroether vulcanized rubber. Expansion joint 2. Key characteristics of fluorine rubber 1. Organic chemical reliability Fluorine rubber has the organic chemical reliability of high aspect ratio, and is the best material resistance among all polyurethane elastomers at this stage. Type 26 fluorine rubber is resistant to crude oil-based feedstock oil, diester feedstock oil, silicone ether magnesium chloride feedstock oil, strong oxidant resistance, and most solvents, but not resistant to low molecular structure ketones, ethers, esters, amines, ammonia, Hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, ammonium sulfate gear oil. Type 23 is more distinctive. Its resistance to strong oxidizing agents such as fuming nitric acid and sulfuric acid is better than Type 26. 2. Excellent heat resistance The heat resistance of fluorine rubber seals is the same as that of silica gel, which can be said to be the best among polyurethane elastomers at this stage. 246>26>23. 3. Good aging resistance It has good weather embrittlement resistance and active oxygen resistance. 4. Excellent vacuum pump characteristics It has very good vacuum pump characteristics. 5. High-quality physical properties It has high-quality physical and physical properties. The shrinkage permanent deformation at high temperature is large, but if compared with the same standard, both nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber are larger than type 26 vulcanized rubber. 6. Good electrical properties 23-type fluorine rubber has good electrical properties, and its water absorption is lower than other elastomers, so it can be used as a good electrical insulating layer material. Fluorine rubber is generally only suitable for high-frequency bottom pressure applications, and the temperature is very harmful to its electrical performance. From 24 °C to 184 °C, its grounding resistance is reduced by 35,000 times. 7. Small temper Fluorine rubber has a large solubility in vapor, but the external diffusion rate is relatively small, so the overall air permeability is also small. According to reports, the 26-type fluorine rubber seals at 30 ℃ for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas permeability and butyl rubber is very good, better than neoprene and natural rubber. 8. The ultra-low temperature properties are not very good. The ultra-low temperature properties of fluorine rubber are not very good. It is caused by its own chemical structure. Such as 23-11 type Tg> 0 ℃. The ultra-low temperature characteristics of fluorine rubber for specific applications are generally expressed by ductility temperature and shrinkage low temperature resistance index. The secret recipe of plastic pellets and their product appearance are more harmful to the ductility temperature. 9. Weak radiation resistance characteristics The radiation resistance characteristics of fluorine rubber are relatively poor among polyurethane elastomers. The radiation source effect of 26 type vulcanized rubber is mainly chemical crosslinking effect, and the 23 type is mainly the cracking effect.
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