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What material of the rubber seal has oil resistance?

by:ORK      2020-07-24
is more, the kinds of different kinds of rubber have their different characteristics, in different working conditions play a corresponding role, such as EPDM climate resistance of EPDM seal aging resistant performance is good, silicone rubber seals heat cold resistant performance is good, so what material of rubber seals with oil resistance, what material does not have oil resistance? According to the classification of oil resistance rubber seal materials can be divided into: polarity rubber, nonpolar rubber material, polarity rubber for oil resistance rubber seals, nonpolar rubber for oil resistance rubber. 1, polarity rubber ( Oil resistance rubber) : CR neoprene, NBR NBR, HNBR hydrogen nitrile rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (CSM, FKM fluorine rubber, acrylate rubber (ACM, acrylate rubber, vinyl AEM FMVQ fluorine silicon rubber, CO 2, chlorohydrin rubber non-polar rubber ( No oil resistance rubber) Isoamyl rubber: natural rubber (NR, IR, BR butadiene rubber, SBR styrene-butadiene rubber, IIR butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber (EPR, EPDM EPDM. That is part of the common oil resistance and oil resistance of rubber, oil resistance rubber in different kinds of rubber seals seals the types of oil resistant concrete and different, therefore, when choosing rubber seal material also need to see what kind of oil. If you want to know more about the performance of the rubber seals, welcome to contact, professional manufacturer of rubber seal: 18 years.
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