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What points should be paid attention to in the rational use of skeleton seals?

by:ORK      2022-10-27
What points should be paid attention to in the rational use of skeleton seals? The function of the skeleton seal is generally protected by the parts that must be lubricated in the transmission parts and the export parts to prevent the leakage of grease. The rotating shaft generally used for oil seal is the lip seal of the rotating shaft. The frame is like the steel bars in a concrete project, acting as reinforcement, maintaining the shape and tension of the oil seal. According to the type of frame, it can be divided into inner frame seal, outer frame seal and outer frame oil seal. The oil seal is made of nitrile rubber seals and steel plate, with stable quality and long service life. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycle crankshafts, camshafts, transfer cases, shock absorbers, engines, bridges, front wheels, etc. To use the skeleton seal reasonably, please pay attention to the following points. (1) Due to design and structural reasons, high-speed oil seals and low-speed oil seals are selected for high-speed rotating shafts. Low-speed oil seals cannot be used for high-speed shafts. The opposite is also true. (2) When the ambient temperature is high, please use acrylate emulsion or silicon, fluorine, and silica gel. Please reduce the oil temperature in the tank. When the application temperature is too low, use cold-resistant rubber. (3) Generally, the pressure oil seal has a low ability to bear the pressure, and the oil seal will deform when the pressure is too high. If the pressure is too high, please use a pressure-resistant support ring or strengthen the pressure-resistant oil seal. (4) If the eccentricity of the oil seal and the shaft is too large, the sealing characteristics will decrease, especially when the shaft speed is high. Please use when the eccentricity is too large“w”Sectional oil seal. (5) The surface roughness of the shaft is directly related to the service life of the oil seal. In other words, the higher the roughness of the shaft, the longer the life of the oil seal. (6) Note that the oil seal lip must have a certain amount of grease. (7) Be careful not to let dust enter the oil seal.
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