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What should I do if there is mildew on the sealing ring? Three ways to teach you to remove!

by:ORK      2022-11-12
The sealing ring has stable performance and is not prone to thermal expansion and contraction. At the same time, it has excellent ductility and resilience. It is used in many fields. After using the sealing ring for a long time, it will inevitably occur on it. Mildew, so how to get rid of this mildew? Let us explain it in detail today. 1. Use edible vinegar. In the case of eliminating mildew on the seal ring, daily vinegar can be used. In the case of cleaning, it can not only clean the moldy sealing ring, but also clean the inside of the equipment, which can not only remove mold spots, but also have the actual effect of sterilization and disinfection. It was safer and more reliable before, and this is also a method recommended by the sealing ring manufacturer to you. 2. Apply whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste can also clean the mold on the sealing ring. First, apply the whitening toothpaste to the moldy area of ​​the sealing ring, wait for a few minutes, and then use a soft towel or pure cotton towel to gently wipe it. That way, there is no need to use too much force, which will easily cause the deformation of the sealing ring, resulting in the sealing being not tight. After wiping, it can be cleaned with tap water. 3. Apply bleach. Dissolved bleach can be applied to remove mildew on the seal. In the case of use, it is necessary to dilute the bleach solution according to the proportion specified in the instruction manual, and then use a pure cotton towel or towel to wipe it clean. In this way, after wiping, the sealing ring will become whiter and brighter, and there will be no odor. Sealing rings are very critical for many mechanical equipment industry chains and their industrial production chains. Only when the sealing rings achieve a certain level of precision, can the overall technical level and the level of mechanical equipment meet the requirements. Fluorine rubber O ring manufactures are generally used in vehicles, aerospace, ships and other industries that are very strict in product quality, so what are the key areas of its main application? Below we will give us a detailed introduction. First of all, the overall use of fluorine rubber O ring manufactures is very common, because it has excellent wear resistance, can withstand high operating temperature levels, and can maintain basic application performance in various harsh environments. Everything works, so the total number of fields of suitability is large, and the fields of application are especially common. With the development trend of industrial production in recent years, the materials of commodities are also continuously innovating and upgrading, which can meet more main applications in natural environment. Secondly, the fluorine rubber O-ring not only has heat resistance, but also has good elasticity and solvent corrosion resistance. In the natural environment of industrial production, the corrosiveness and erosion of various chemical substances It happens from time to time, but because the fluorine rubber O-ring has strong reliability, and at the same time has good air tightness performance, it is especially suitable for a variety of semiconductor materials and electronic device information. Technology industry, the overall use of technology is very complete. Ultimately, the fluorine rubber seals O-ring has good aging resistance, and it can ensure that its performance will not be damaged in various harsh environments. In the high temperature ring mirror within 200 degrees, the physical and organic chemical properties of the fluorine rubber seals itself are very stable, and it is not easy to produce chemical reactions due to heat, and it is not easy to release harmful chemicals. According to this characteristic, under various temperature conditions, it can be applied normally and has a strong scope of application.
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