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What should I pay attention to when installing the silicone seal?

by:ORK      2022-11-17
What should I pay attention to when installing the silicone seal? Silicone sealing rings are mainly used for waterproof sealing and preservation of daily necessities such as fresh-keeping boxes, rice cookers, water dispensers, lunch boxes, insulation boxes, incubators, cups, ovens, magnetized cups, coffee pots and other daily necessities. The product models include silicone O-type sealing ring, silicone U-type sealing ring, Y-type silicone sealing ring, silicone V-type sealing ring, silicone rectangular sealing ring, heat-resistant silicone sealing ring, food-grade silicone sealing ring, liquid-phase silicone sealing ring. Conductive silicone sealing ring. High tensile silicone sealing ring. High elastic silicone sealing ring. Ozone resistant silicone sealing ring. corners; if not available, use mounting sleeves. 2. Remove treated waste such as dust. Remove debris and other external particles, clean all parts. 3. Deburr and chamfer or round sharp edges; cover threads of bolts 4. It is easier to install if the hydraulic cylinder and sealing ring are coated with grease or grease. It is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility between the sealing material and these lubricants. Please use grease without solid additives (such as Molybdenum disulfide or zinc sulfide). 5. Install split trenches using non-pointed installation tools. 6. There is no problem in installing seal rings in open trenches. The installation sequence is consistent with the configuration of the seals. Therefore, please note that No twisting is allowed after each seal is installed in the pipe trench. During installation (before inserting the hydraulic cylinder into the seal), the seals with elastomer force or torsion spring force must be restored. Use hydraulic cylinders with long guide posts or use installation guides There is also a flattening effect when placing a column.
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