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When choosing a type O rubber sealing ring need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-07-03
O rubber seals sealing ring is mainly used for static seal and reciprocation seal and is limited to low speed rotating seal of rotary sealing device, is one of the common seal. Due to the seal quality directly affects the equipment performance, so in the choice O type rubber seal need combined with actual situation to make choices. is elastic material, deformation under load, especially under the situation of high pressure, can make the seal in the seal gap, floating and make the seal failure. Therefore, according to the working pressure is reasonable choice O the hardness of the rubber seals sealing ring and the cross section diameter. Generally high pressure sealing ring of selecting the high hardness, low pressure sealing ring of selecting the low hardness. The hardness of the rubber seals o-rings is commonly used shaw 70 & plusmn; 5. Manufacturing mechanical seal o-rings use of the mold parting surface to try to stay away from inside and outside and the upper and lower sides of the working face, generally USES 45 & deg; Open mode, to ensure good sealing performance. Section size uniform, o-rings surface should be smooth level off, do not exist defects such as uneven, bubbles, impurities. Because of the different equipment working environment and conditions of the use of different, when the choice, can need according to the working condition and choosing the appropriate material, sealing 17 years of experience in research and development production, can according to customer demand for customized suitable seal, welcome consulting.
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