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When choosing type O sealing ring which technical requirements need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-07-03
Type O sealing ring is one of the common seal, a lot of people when making choices due to seal ring material, hardness and so on various performance technical requirements is not clear, then tell you seal. Due to the rubber seals is elastic material, deformation will happen under the action of load, especially under the condition of high pressure, will make the seal in the seal gap, floating and make the seal failure. Therefore, according to the working pressure the rational selection of hardness and its cross section type O sealing ring diameter. Generally high pressure sealing ring of selecting the hardness is higher, low pressure sealing ring of selecting the hardness is low. The hardness of the rubber seals type O sealing ring is commonly used shaw 70 & plusmn; 5. Manufacturing mechanical seal with type O sealing ring mold parting surface to avoid as far as possible inside and outside and the upper and lower sides of the working face, generally USES 45 & deg; Open mode, to ensure good sealing performance. Section size wants even, the cross section shape of the reference below. Type O sealing ring surface must be smooth level off, may not have any defects such as uneven, bubbles, impurities. Therefore, when choosing the type O sealing ring, need to combine their own conditions and decide, if you choose more difficult, consult with type O sealing ring. Seal 17 years of research and development production experience, can design suitable for the customer the sealing ring.
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