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by:ORK      2020-08-07
Our Windows and doors foaming silica gel is a quadrilateral, in the use of sealing strip at one, only through multilateral joint Angle to seal, if processing is not good Angle place is easy to leak. After sealing strip used with profiles, in the corner four doors, Windows, doors and Windows company usually use glue to deal with before, because of the workers' personal technology level, quality of the glue itself factors, often four severe leakage, leakage phenomenon around the corner. Impact on the quality of the whole curtain wall is very big. So what do we want to solve this kind of situation? Article silicone around edges is leaking problem solution: through extrusion and mould pressing technology, designed to produce new products & ndash; — Sealing strip the whole frame joint Angle. The whole box sealing strip overall dimension precision is high, in the process of extrusion, mold production to strictly control the processing technology and size. So the emergence of the whole box sealing strip, the doors and Windows sealed better installation is more convenient and faster production efficiency. Silicone related knowledge: first, the application characteristics of 1, sealed performance is very good, own have good heat resistance, cold resistance. 2, compression permanent deformation is small, but the low mechanical strength, suitable for high-speed rotating machinery and all kinds of food grade high and low temperature seal 3, environmental protection performance is very good and insulation is very good, no bubble surface and no pores, of long service life. Second, using silica gel sealing strip can be used in the field of field has a lot of, such as the following these aspects: 1, in transport, automobile exhaust system of shaft seal, spark plugs and ignition line can be applied to it. 2, used in wireless motor, such as the television is in the high pressure cap and oscilloscope. 3, the application in contact with gas sealing ring. 4, the application in the electronic computer. 5, applied in the field of motor is very much. 6, can also be used in instruments and meters, such as far infrared heater, refrigerator frost line of refrigerator door gasket and shock absorber of medium. Above is a simple explanation about article foaming silicone water solution, have a need to sealing strip can contact phone number: url: /
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