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Why do the rubber sealing ring white?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
seal is used widely in industry, medical industry has even the shadow of the rubber sealing ring, but careful observation, you will note that there is a phenomenon is a part of the rubber seal in use after a period of time, the phenomenon of the white, is this why? The seal will answer for you. First the rubber sealing ring is made of rubber raw materials, raw rubber and various fillers including softener, tackifier, vulcanizing agent and so on, after mixing, after vulcanization molding rubber seal pale in fact not appeared quality problem, the rubber sealing ring white refers to the rubber products production come out later placed after a period of time, the surface of a & other; Spray frost & throughout; Or & other; Spray wax & throughout; Phenomenon. Bloom is rubber products in place after a period of time the rubber material in the liquid or solid compound by rubber internal migration to the rubber surface phenomena, visible inside the rubber compound exhalation, formed the bloom; Spray paraffin wax, ceresine wax precipitation in the rubber surface, and form a layer of wax membrane. Formation reasons of the above relationship with rubber formula is larger, the direct solution would be to rubber seal to the oven, secondary sulfide. But also cannot fundamentally solve the problem of the rubber sealing ring white, eventually is going to solve the material formula. More than 17 years of professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring, such as for can solve your question, welcome to consultation, rubber seals seal products provide one-stop solution:
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