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Why do the rubber sealing ring white?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
Part of the rubber sealing ring in the process of storage will appear the phenomenon of white, and this phenomenon is known as bloom, bloom is mainly rubber seals surface complexes containing within migration, what reason causes this kind of phenomenon produced? 1, additives too much rubber seals seal in formula will join with various additives, mixing of different auxiliaries solubility in the rubber, auxiliary solubility in the rubber sealing ring is seen as by excessive phenomenon, leading to bloom. 2, temperature change agent in rubber solubility with temperature change and change, in general, the temperature is high solubility, temperature lower solubility decrease. Because the rubber seal is usually used at room temperature, once the use of low temperature, content of some additives in formula close to its solubility and precipitation, produce spray cream white. 3, the dissolution of owe sulfur agent in rubber condition affected by curing conditions. In natural rubber, for example, in the vulcanization conditions, crosslinking density, free of sulfur, and sulfur spray less likely, other additives on the three dimensional network opportunity also decreased, so the probability and spray frost white; On the other hand, in the condition of less sulfur, network crosslinking density is relatively small, spray frost risk increases accordingly. 4, aging aging means vulcanizates three-dimensional network structure of local damage by bond rupture, thus weakened the network structure and solid adsorption ability to lock with additives, additives to the surface migration lead to bloom. 5 uneven rubber sealing ring by external effect, cause stress concentration and surface rupture, make originally in supersaturated state with auxiliary particle accelerate precipitation, formed in the crack surface spray frost, and to extend peripheral expansion. 6, uneven uneven mixing mixing result in uneven dispersion of chelating agent in rubber seals, rubber sealing ring local will appear with fertilizer than solubility and produce spray frost. Above several kinds of rubber seal in the final analysis for the cause of bloom white seal manufacturer's formula and the lack in the process of production, therefore, need to inspect when choosing a rubber seal factory, 18 years of professional rubber seal factory, has more than 30 experienced technicians, from raw materials to the cost through dozens of strict testing, to provide one-stop solution, welcome consultation:.
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