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Windows and doors the performance characteristics of the silicone seal - Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-07-02
Windows silicone seals used in automobile, door, refrigerator, electric appliances, containers, cabinets, machinery, furniture, home appliances, on items such as refrigerator door seal, waterproof and dustproof anti-collision wear-resisting effect, has the following characteristics: 1, doors and Windows silicone sealing strip ageing resistance, use for a long time not to crack or deformation; Article 2, doors and Windows silicone seal weather aging resistance, resistance to ozone, chemistry; Article 3, door silicone seal waterproof, fire prevention, dustproof, shock absorption, good seal material; Article 4, doors and Windows silicone seal surface is smooth and beautiful, has the good elasticity and compression deformation resistance; Article 5, doors and Windows silicone seal sealing performance is good, in - Between 60 to 200 degrees can maintain its original high sealing performance. Seal & ndash; — 17 years in dongguan large rubber seals seals manufacturer, specializing in the production of silicone products include silicone pad, silicone seals, silicone foam gaskets, silicone tube, silicone ring, such as all kinds of silicone seal products, because of the silicone seals series products are basically abnormity strip, no fixed specification and size, can be accurate according to samples or drawings provided by customers design and production, product surface is smooth, fine corner, no bad impurities such as burrs. 【 Click to learn more about sealing strip information 】
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