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Y-ring sealing principle

by:ORK      2022-11-19
1. Main performance The interface of the Y-shaped sealing ring is Y-shaped, which is a typical lip-shaped sealing ring. The interface has different height and width ratios, and can be divided into wide type, narrow type and Yx type. Y-rings can be divided into two types: shaft use and hole use. Y-rings are widely used in reciprocating motion devices, and their service life is higher than that of O ring manufactures. The suitable pressure of Y-rings is not more than 40MPA, and the working temperature is -30℃~80℃. When made of nitrile rubber seals, it is 0.01 m~0.6m/s; 0.05m~0.3m/s when using fluorine rubber; 0.01m~1m when using polyurethane rubber. The sealing performance, service life and working pressure limit of the Y-ring are all made of polyurethane rubber seals. The performance and characteristics of the Y-shaped sealing ring: 1) The sealing performance is reliable; 2) The friction resistance is small and the movement is stable; 3) The pressure resistance is good and the pressure range is wide; 4) The mechanism is simple and the price is low; 5) It is easy to install. 2. Sealing principle The Y-shaped sealing ring is attached to the coupling surface of the sealing pair by its open lip, and is in linear contact, which is generated under the action of the medium pressure.“peak”Contact stress, the higher the pressure, the greater the stress. When the coupling parts move relatively at the working speed, a layer of sealing liquid film is formed between the sealing lip and the sliding coupling surface, thereby producing a sealing effect. After the sealing lip is worn, it has a certain automatic compensation ability due to the action of the medium pressure. 3. Application of Y-shaped sealing ring When installing the Y-shaped sealing ring, the lip must face the side with high pressure in order to play a sealing role. In order to prevent the root of the Y-ring from being squeezed into the interval of the sealing coupling surface due to the plastic deformation of the material under high pressure, the size of the fitting gap between the sliding coupling parts should be controlled. If the root is squeezed into the fitting gap, a retaining ring should be installed at the root of the sealing ring. For wide-type Y-type seals, the width of the cross-section is twice or more than the height. This kind of sealing ring will not be turned over or twisted in the groove, and the support ring can not be installed. Company website:
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