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Y type sealing ring main characteristics and sealing principle

by:ORK      2020-07-29
Y type sealing ring is a kind of cross section is Y type sealing ring, is a typical lip seal, general Y type sealing ring can be divided into shaft and hole with two, then the main characteristics of Y type sealing ring and sealing principle is what? A, the main characteristics of 1, sealed performance is reliable; 2, small friction resistance, the smooth movement; 3, good pressure resistance, use pressure range is extensive; 4, simple structure, low cost; 5, installation is convenient. Second, the sealing principle of Y type sealing ring is mainly for its open his lips stick in sealing pair coupling surface, and a linear contact, on the medium pressure & other; Peak & throughout; Contact stress, the higher the pressure, the greater the stress. When coupled with task speed relative motion, between the sealing lip and slip coupling surface forming a layer of seal liquid membrane, resulting in a sealing effect. Know more about Y type seal information in Hong Kong, consulting, sealing and 18 years seal manufacturers, has a modern standard workshop more than 20000 square meters, have scientific CNC processing center, vulcanization molding equipment, more than 30 professional technicians, can open mould according to the different requirements of the customers, processing all kinds of different types, different materials of rubber seals products.
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