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an overview of the o-ring and its application

by:ORK      2020-03-11
You heard of O-ring?
If not, you can read the following passage.
This article will tell you something about this ring. The so-called O-
The ring is a rubber sealing ring with a circular section.
Because of its circular part, it is called O-
The main material of this ring is Buna-
Rubber or fluorine rubber.
This ring is one of the common sealing elements in fluid pressure and gas pressure transmission systems.
It is mainly used for static sealing and alternative movement sealing.
The applicable speed range is from 0. 005 to 0.
3 metres per second
Under normal circumstances, it is not so popular in rotary motion sealing equipment. The O-
The ring is usually installed in the slot.
Compared to other sealing rings, O-
Ring has the following unique features :(1)
Small and exquisite structure; (2)
Easy to install and disassemble; (3)
The ring is suitable for static and dynamic sealing; (3)
The friction resistance is relatively small; (4)the single O-
The ring plays an important role in two-way sealing; (5)
It is quite cheap. (6)
It is suitable for different sealing media of oil, water, gas, chemical media and other mixed media; (7)
It is very reliable for sealing.
Now this article will introduce how to mark O-ring.
It can be marked as: inner diameter plus lead diameter. For example, O-ring 20*2. 4, GB1235-76.
Here 20 indicates that the inner diameter of the large circle is 20mm. 2.
4 indicates that the section diameter of the rubber gasket is 2. 4mm.
GB1235 refers to the standard number.
76 represents the standard year.
So when you buy O-
You \'d better keep an eye on these numbers.
In general, O-
The ring is mainly used in static and alternating motion seals.
If used in a rotary motion seal, it will be limited by a low speed sealing device.
On the basis of the material of this sealing ring, it can have good sealing effect, at the same time can reduce chemical liquid, oil, acid, etc.
Due to its unique features, it is widely used in machine tools, ships, automobiles, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, plastics, agriculture and different instruments.
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