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Automotive Seals

As we all know, in a car or truck , there are many rubber seals. So all kinds of automotive seals used in different parts of a car or truck. Such as the grommets, shock absorber seals, retainer gaskets, A/C compressor seals, steering seals, braking seals, bonded piston seals, valve stem seals, bearing seals and gas spring seals.

Now, let me introduce some of the seals.

Grommets, The grommets are custom-made technical precision parts that are usually made of NBR or Silicone and prevent any contact with the metal supports.

A/C Compressor seals, The A/C compressor seals are strategic sealing parts used to correctly operate air conditioning in vehicles. The seals are designed to resist R-134a refrigerant fluids (or coolants). We usually use HNBR, which is a kind of NBR enhanced edition.

Braking seals, The braking seals are critical components found at the brake callipers, master cylinder and brake vacuum booster. For brake systems, we can provide, o-rings (our mainly products, we can make more than 4000 sizes with different materials. of course, we can also make some customized o-rings), bellows and grommets for the brake calliper guides, square rings for sealing the calliper pistons, dynamic lip or U-cup seals for master cylinders, square rings for sealing the calliper pistons.

Shock absorber seals, The shock absorber seals play a leading role in the lifespan and reliability of shock absorber operations. Mainly reduce friction and prevent the entry of dirt into the system.

Materials choice, NBR, SIL, FKM, EPDM, HNBR, ACM and so on.

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