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Common faults and corrective measures of mechanical seal O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-16
1. Overheating of the O-ring Overheating of the O-ring is usually caused by the unfavorable conditions of excessive heat generated by the sealing surface of the centrifugal pump. Teflon O-rings turn blue or black, O-rings harden and crack. The condition is always worst near the sealing surface. Relevant corrective measures: Check the circulation of the sealing chamber of the centrifugal pump (if a cooler is installed, it should also be checked at the same time) to see if there is any blockage, etc. Check the pump for failures such as reduced suction capacity, dry running, slag formation, etc. Check the condition of the product according to the original regulations. 2. O-ring extrusion When a part of the O-ring is forced through a small gap, extrusion will occur. This extrusion can occur when components are assembled or assembled with excessive force, or when operating pressures and temperatures are too high. O-ring extrusion can also occur when the shaft seal elements are adjusted in situ, if the dimensions are out of limit, resulting in a large gap between the elements. PTFE O-rings are curled, and rubber O-rings are peeled or torn. Relevant corrective measures: Check the assembly method and operating conditions to ensure that all parts of the seal are adjusted to the original design requirements or readjusted by the manufacturer. 3. Unqualified O-rings When the O-rings are not properly selected, permanent deformation such as swelling and undercut will occur, and the consequences will not only cause the O-rings themselves to lose their original performance and break, but also prevent the sliding parts from moving. . Relevant corrective measures: Check the original product working conditions of the shaft seal to see if the material is suitable. If it is not suitable, the material and size of the O-ring should be re-selected. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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