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by:ORK      2020-07-24
seal due to the use of performance requirements of the environment and the situation is different, the rubber material is different, such as nitrile rubber, natural rubber seals, acrylate rubber seals, fluorine rubber, etc. The performance characteristics of each are not identical, the seal is to introduce the material contrast of various kinds of rubber seals. A, NBR is very commonly used material in production of rubber seals, oil resistant nitrile rubber seal products used primarily. Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents, such as performance, can meet the general requirement, the cost is low. 2 compared with most of the synthetic rubber, natural rubber, natural rubber, has good comprehensive mechanical properties, cold resistance, high resilience and abrasion resistance. Natural rubber is not resistant to mineral oils, but relatively stable in the vegetable oil and alcohols. Three, acrylate rubber, acrylate rubber oil resistant of heat comprehensive performance is very excellent, temperature can be as high as 180 ℃ to 200 ℃, widely used for high temperature resistant, heat resistant oil products. Four, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber is refers to the main chain or side chain of carbon atoms on the synthetic polymer elastomer containing fluorine atoms. Five, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber is a kind of synthetic polymer, to make effort in hydrogenated nitrile rubber hydrocarbon chain saturated, the special hydrogenation process to reduce many nitrile rubber ( NBR) Owner chain polymerization of double bond, therefore, hydrogenated nitrile rubber in addition to preserve the features of nitrile rubber, and more than nitrile rubber with high heat resistant, resistant to ozone aging, the properties of heat resistant, resistant to chemical and mechanical characteristics. Six, fluorine silicone rubber fluorine silicone rubber seals as silica gel, and combining with the fluorine propyl, methyl and ethylene as side chain, but by fluoride fluorine and silicone rubber. Fluorine and silicone rubber mechanical and physical properties similar to silicone, but fluorine silicone rubber is silica gel has better properties of resistance to oil and mineral oil, but they were more than silica gel in the aspect of heat. Fluorine and silicone rubber has excellent resistance to aviation fuel oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic ester lubricant, such as performance, can be in 204 & deg; C ( 400° F) Long-term work under high temperature. Although mostly used in the aerospace field, because of its superior fuel resistance and high temperature stability, fluorine silicone rubber has been more and more common used in the production of rubber seal. Full fluorine rubber full fluorine rubber, high temperature resistance than silicone rubber, have very good chemical resistance, most of the oil and solvent resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance; The cold resistance of this feature is not significant. Perfluorinated rubber seal products are widely used in high temperature, the sealing equipment situation of high ozone resistance and weather resistance requirements and all kinds of high vacuum sealing process. With the development of the industry, widely used in automotive, electronic, aerospace, ship requirements such as high precision, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, strict work environment, use more military products. 19 years rubber seal factory, can according to customer demand design suitable rubber seals, more questions welcome consultation.
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