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by:ORK      2020-07-22
Article foaming silica gel is made of silicone rubber seals extrusion foaming strip, due to the shape like a sponge, so called article foaming silicone, article or silicone sponge. Foaming silicone article mainly applied to form a complete set of electrical equipment, electronics, furniture, toys, medical equipment, sports goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobile, container seal, building curtain wall sealing and other industries, according to the different working condition of customized foaming silicone article can have insect, waterproof, dustproof, fixed, sound insulation, shock absorption, seal, etc. Article 17 years focused on sealing the one-stop service, the company imported silicone extrusion line, rubber seals extrusion production line, PVC extrusion production line, non-standard custom all kinds of solid hollow gaskets, gaskets, foam strip ( Foam silicone) , in product design and development stage, cooperate with customer together development provide useful design and material selection Suggestions, on the selection, material selection for the customer to provide precise technical support.
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