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Eight precautions for the application of rubber seals in hydraulic systems_Rubber seals_Rubber seal manufacturers

by:ORK      2022-11-26
We all know that rubber seals seals are the main sealing and damping components in the hydraulic system, and they are also one of the most frequently replaced components in the hydraulic system. The seal is the main sealing and damping component, and it is also one of the more frequently replaced components in the hydraulic system. So what can be done to prolong the service life of the rubber seal in the hydraulic system? Starting from the precautions used in the system, today we will talk about eight points of attention for the application of rubber seals in hydraulic systems from eight aspects Substances such as acids and bases that damage rubber. The temperature of the storage room is between -15°C and 35°C. The deposit period should not exceed one and a half years. 2. The rubber seals should be replaced regularly, and the used seals should not be reused. 3. The relationship between the material, shape and performance of the rubber seal. 4. The working temperature of the rubber seal should be within the allowable range of the sealing material. 5. When the liquid to be sealed is under no pressure, the force F applied to the two fixed surfaces must be greater than the resultant force of the minimum sealing pressure. 6. When the liquid to be sealed is under pressure, the minimum sealing pressure to ensure the sealing should not only make the seal deform to fill the defects on the surface of the fixed body, but also resist the pressure of the liquid and the extrusion of the liquid from the contact surface. The minimum sealing pressure at this time should be proportional to the liquid pressure P. The force of the liquid pressure on the flange cover will cause the flange joints to separate, reducing the actual sealing pressure. Therefore, the tightening force F applied to the two joint surfaces 'must ensure the minimum sealing pressure in addition to counteracting the force of the liquid pressure'. 7. Flange joint surfaces, such as flange joints, orifices of plate connection elements, etc. 8. For non-flange joint surfaces, standard sealing rings are commonly used, among which O ring manufactures are the most common. The characteristics of non-flange flat joint surfaces are that the openings are more rectangular, and there are also many irregular openings. Gaskets, special-shaped sealing rings and sealants are often used to prevent leakage. The above are the eight precautions for the application of rubber seals in hydraulic systems. I hope to help you in the future of rubber seals in the service life of hydraulic systems.
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