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EPDM EPDM foam strip have what advantage?

by:ORK      2020-07-22
EPDM EPDM foam strip choose microwave vulcanization process a forming, appearance is bright and clean beautiful, has the good elasticity and resistance to deformation of austerity. Seal EPDM EPDM foam rubber seals strip of different shapes, to the satisfaction of design different cold resistant, heat resistant, foaming, real body, and has a specified performance requirements of foam sealing strip. Seal EPDM EPDM foam strip advantage: 1, good weather resistance, anti-aging function; 2, ozone resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion features; Article 3, foaming flexible seal & ensp; ; 4, good cold heat function ( - - - - - - 50℃~+150℃) ; 5, good elasticity, 200% of the drawing; 6, the high quality epdm, foam process manufacturing; 7, reverse side chooses import double-sided tape, sandwich for grid glass fiber. Seal 17 years focus on customizing EPDM EPDM foam gaskets, seals, sealing strip of rubber seals seals and other professional factory, can according to customer demand customize suitable sealing strip. Welcome contact seal if you have special demand, professional technical project for you to customize the appropriate EPDM EPDM foam strip and other sealing products, welcome to consult!
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