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Experiment of radial stamping sealing performance of rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-14
During the work of pushing the support rod, continue to do continuous repeated movements, up and down 40 times per minute. The tightness of the push rod parts and the push rod holes is the first technical problem. The time for multiple tests is sometimes nearly 35 hours, and 84,000 repeated movements must be performed. The general sealing method does not ensure that the test is carried out. Hazardous factors include: sealing method; raw materials for hydraulic seals; surface precision of push rods; raw materials and diameters of push rods; adhesion and accumulation of fine particles in the test liquid on the surface of push rods. The sealing problem of the push rod. The radial stamping sealing test of the rubber sealing ring shows that the result is 20-40h, and the cracking of the O-ring is invalid. The test regulations of around 35h cannot be guaranteed. Analysis reasons: the friction system between the elastomer material and the stainless steel plate is very large; the diamond between the o-ring and the surface of the push support rod causes some fine particles in the liquid to be squeezed and formed, and it is very easy to adhere and accumulate to the push rod. The surface layer of the support rod deepens and expands the frictional resistance; the continuous repeated movements cause heat generation due to friction, and the temperature of the fusion surface rises, which expands the frictional resistance. Finally, the vulcanized rubber o-ring was damaged by a large amount of friction. Use two layers of ptfe rectangular frame to seal the gasket, add a stainless steel plate flat washer in the middle, and then stamp the seal. Ptfe has higher compressive strength than vulcanized rubber, has very little frictional resistance with the stainless steel plate, and has very good fluidity under stress. The working pressure function of the screw cap makes the ptfe press the fluidity of the push rod surface, which has a very good sealing effect. The test shows that the two ptfe rectangular frame sealing gaskets can go through many tests without being damaged, exceeding the test sealing requirements. In terms of AC motor speed control transmission system, large digital temperature control of automation technology, reliable mechanical seal, the use of fully transparent raw materials and its compact structure.
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