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Key Features of Silicone Rubber Seals

by:ORK      2022-10-14
The key characteristics of silicone rubber sealing ring: 1. Good high temperature and cold resistance, can be used for a long time at -60~250 ℃ 2. Resistant to active oxygen, good weather resistance 3. Good electrical performance Silicone is a solid-state feature The solution chemical substance of which the basic characteristic is silicon dioxide (SiO2). The physical structure of silicone rubber is a variety of microporous plates and high specific surface area. Its surface is a silyl methyl structure, so it has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor or other positive and negative chemical substances and can be selectively adsorbed and separated. It is widely used in adsorption, drying, separation, purification, and high-purity production of chemical substances. In the applied chemical industry, silicone rubber can be used as a metal catalyst or catalyst medium. Because of its chemical composition and physical structure, silicone rubber has the following advantages in application: 1. The physical properties are stable and insoluble in all other organic solvents and aqueous solutions except hydrochloric acid (HF) and strong acid. 2. Good heat resistance, A-type microporous silicone rubber can be used at a temperature within 300 ℃, while other types of silicone rubber can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 500-600 ℃; 3. Silicone rubber has a rigid skeleton structure, excellent wear resistance and tensile strength. Each type of silicone rubber product series has its own characteristics, mainly because silicone rubber can obtain different types of porosity structures and integrate into different main uses by manipulating corresponding process conditions during the manufacturing process. The main parameters of the versatility of silicone rubber Heat avoidance of silicone rubber: Cp=0.22Kcal/㎏.℃ Heat transfer coefficient of silicone rubber:λ=0.17Kcal/m.h.℃ Adhesion heat of silicone rubber: Q=700Kcal/㎏.H2O
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