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by:ORK      2020-07-30
Products in the middle of the silica gel products industry determines the degree of hard and soft functions and texture, appearance and the silicone material is divided into different types of hard softness, according to different products use choose different degree of hard and soft, such as silicone case about 40 to 60 degrees, belong to moderate hard softness, is also more commonly used hardness range, and degree of hard and soft silicone it determines the appearance quality of the product and process quality, and low hardness silicone material what are the advantages and disadvantages? Low hardness silicone materials are usually used to compare soft, soft cushion some of the product, more common in the middle of the articles for daily use, it can achieve very good contact with the skin texture, such as silica gel instrument cleansing skin care tool category, the advantage of this kind of product is that it can achieve very good effect and can better the life of the product, use simple sense is better, and the compressive strength of the buffer of the production is better, the product is out of shape not easily after long-term stress, and the springback after long-term tensile efficiency quickly. Except consumer use of the advantages of low hardness of silicone rubber seals products production process will produce corresponding disadvantages, such as silica gel products factory production some products in easy to appear the phenomenon of blowout of edge breakage, the main reason is because the silicone material hardness is too low, the product liquidity is more soft, put rubber speed can't keep up with the mould temperature in mould materials in upper and lower clamping edges have gradually solidified hard to break, the second is the phenomenon of soft silicone material too soft products, the greater the sulfur as failure to strictly control time, and in and out of time, is likely to lead to the product, the phenomenon of the weak deformation. Low hardness of silica gel product more difficult for consumers is without surface treatment products, absorb dust became the biggest drawbacks, a lot of friends to buy more soft silicone products should have this kind of phenomenon, after long-term use will appear the phenomenon of surface layer gradually since black, and that is silicone products disadvantages of low hardness, but treated with antistatic won't have this kind of phenomenon.
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