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by:ORK      2022-10-17
The following are the standards for the implementation of seals and seals organized by our company, and you are welcome to refer to them. AS568 Series Sealing Ring American Standard HB953U-shaped Sealing Ring GB13871 Basic Dimensions and Tolerances of Rotating Shaft Lip Sealing Ring Ring JB/ZQ4264 Yx-shaped sealing ring for hole JB/ZQ4265 Yx-shaped sealing ring for shaft GB/T10708.2 Reciprocating rubber sealing ring structure and dimension series Part 2: Bidirectional sealing rubber sealing ring GB/T10708.3 Reciprocating rubber sealing ring Ring structure dimension series Part 3: Rubber dust seal GB/T15242.1 Dimension series and tolerances of coaxial seals for hydraulic cylinder piston and piston rod dynamic sealing devices JB/T6657 Dimension series and tolerances of seals for cylinders HG/T2579 O-ring rubber sealing ring material for ordinary hydraulic systemHG/T2333 O-ring rubber material for vacuum HG/T2811 Rotating shaft lip sealing ring rubber material HG/T2810 Reciprocating motion sealing ring rubber material Ring dimension series and tolerance BS1806 annular seal ring (“O”Dimensional specification for ring) and its mounting seat (imperial series) BS4518 annular sealing ring (“O”Metric size specification for rings) and their mountings BS6997 uses BS6996 rubber ring seals (‘O’Ring) specification BSF164 is made of elastic annular sealing ring (“O”Specification for properties of rings) BS ISO 16031-1 Aerospace hydraulic systems. Inch series O-rings, inner diameter and cross-section, tolerances and dimensional approval codes. Tight tolerances for hydraulic systems BSISO 16031-2 Aerospace fluid systems. Inch series O-rings Seals, inner diameter and cross-section, tolerances and dimensional identification codes, standard tolerances for non-hydraulic systems BSISO3601-2 Hydraulic power systems, O-rings, general housing dimensions Ring (support seal ring) DIN3771-1 fluid system O-ring size according to ISO3601/1 DIN3771-2 fluid system O-ring test mark DIN3771-3 fluid system O-ring material, scope of use DIN3771-4 hydraulic system O Quality acceptance criteria for type seals DIN4000-162 Product characteristic table Part 162: Gaskets and sealing rings Gaskets for hose couplings of brake systems DIN EN 1514-8 Flanges and their connections - Dimensions of gaskets for PN marking flanges - Part 8: Polyester O-rings for grooved flanges ISO 3601-1 Fluid power systems O-rings, Part 1: ID codes for inner diameters, cross sections, tolerances and dimensions Ring seals, Part 2: General housing dimensions ISO3601-3 Fluid power system O-rings, Part 3: Quality acceptance criteria ISO3601-4 Hydraulic power system O-rings, Part 4: Anti-extrusion seals ( Support seals) ISO3601-5 Fluid power system O-rings, Part 5: Suitability of elastic materials for industrial use Design criteria for ring fitting grooves JISB2407 Protective gasket for O-rings Ring material requirements NFT47-506 Test conditions and methods for full-size specimens of rubber O-rings BS7780-1 Specification for rotary shaft lip seals Nominal dimensions and tolerances BS7780-2 Specification for rotary shaft lip seals Part 2: Vocabulary BS7780-3 Rotary shaft lip seals Storage, handling and installation Specification for seals, part 5: Marking of defects by visual inspection DIN 3760 Rotating shaft lip seal rings Method for measuring overlap height JISB2402-1 Rotary shaft lip seals, Part 1: Nominal dimensions and tolerances Part 3: Storage, Handling and Installation of JISB2402-4 Rotary Shaft Lip Seals, Part 4: Performance Test Procedure JISB2402-5 Rotary Shaft Lip Seals, Part 5: Identification of Visual Defects NFE48-041 Fluid Transmission Systems and components, multi-layer lip seal assemblies - method of measuring overlap height
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