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Several external factors affecting the effect of mechanical seal

by:ORK      2022-11-15
1. One of the external factors affecting the effect of mechanical seals: insufficient machining accuracy There are many reasons for insufficient machining accuracy. Some of them are the insufficient machining accuracy of the mechanical seal itself. The reasons for this are easy to attract people's attention and easy to find. But sometimes the machining accuracy of other parts of the pump is not enough, and this reason is not easy to attract people's attention. For example: the increase in accuracy of the pump shaft, shaft sleeve, pump body, and sealing cavity is not enough. The existence of these reasons is very detrimental to the sealing effect of the mechanical seal. 2. The second external factor affecting the effect of the mechanical seal: the vibration is too large The vibration of the mechanical seal is too large, which eventually leads to the loss of the sealing effect. However, the reason for the excessive vibration of the mechanical seal is often not the cause of the mechanical seal itself. Other parts of the pump are the source of the vibration, such as unreasonable design of the pump shaft, processing reasons, insufficient bearing accuracy, poor parallelism of the coupling, etc. Radial force and other reasons. 3. The third external factor affecting the effect of the mechanical seal: the axial channeling of the pump shaft is large. The sealing surface of the mechanical seal must have a certain specific pressure, so as to play a sealing role, which requires the spring of the mechanical seal to have a certain pressure. The amount of compression gives a thrust to the end face of the mechanical seal, and when it rotates, the sealing surface generates the specific pressure required by the seal. In order to ensure this specific pressure, the mechanical seal requires that the pump shaft cannot have too much channeling, and the mechanical seal cannot withstand axial force during use. If there is an axial force, the impact on the mechanical seal is serious. Sometimes due to the unreasonable design of the axial force balance mechanism of the pump and the reasons of manufacture, installation and use, the axial force is not balanced. The mechanical seal is subjected to an axial force, and the temperature of the sealing gland will be high during operation. For polypropylene media, it will be melted at high temperature, so the sealing effect will be lost soon after the pump is started, and the sealing end face will appear when the pump is stationary. Intermittent leaks. 4. The fourth external factor that affects the effect of the mechanical seal: there is no auxiliary flushing system or the auxiliary flushing system is set unreasonably. The auxiliary flushing system of the mechanical seal is very important. The auxiliary flushing system of the mechanical seal can effectively protect the sealing surface, and play the role of cooling, lubricating, and washing away debris. Sometimes the designer does not configure the auxiliary flushing system reasonably, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved; sometimes although the designer designs the auxiliary system, due to impurities in the flushing liquid, insufficient flow and pressure of the flushing liquid, and unreasonable design of the flushing port position, etc. , also can not achieve the sealing effect. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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