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Several types of forming processing technology of rubber and plastic products

by:ORK      2022-11-09
A simple and detailed introduction to the forming method of rubber and plastic products. Let’s get to know 1. The common press molding method of press molding is used to produce some complex rubber and plastic products such as leather bowls and sealing rings. The plastic pellets are placed in an abrasive tool and heated to form. 2. Injection molding For more complicated rubber and plastic products, such as tire treads, rubber seals hoses, and wire surface coating, it must be produced by injection molding. This is a way to carry out continuous modeling design according to various mouth shapes, also called samples, by putting the compounded rubber that must be plastically deformed into the silo of the continuous extruder under the extrusion molding of the essential screw. Before pressing out, the plastic pellets must be heated to make the plastic pellets soft and easy to extrude to obtain rubber and plastic products with a smooth surface and precise specifications. 3. Calendering is suitable for the production of simple block and plate handicrafts. This is a method of suppressing the kneaded rubber into a film that must be thin and thick and a total width according to a single-sheet calender. It is called calendering. Some rubber seals and plastic products such as tires, tapes, rubber hoses and other common textile and textile materials must be coated with a thin layer of glue. Dispensing glue on chemical fibers is also called glue sticking or rubbing glue. The dispensing process is usually carried out on a single-piece calender. . Textile materials must be air-dried and dipped in air-drying before injection molding. The purpose is to reduce the moisture content of textile materials, prevent moisture volatilization and increase the temperature of textile materials, so as to ensure the quality of the injection molding process. Dipping is a necessary process before gluing. The purpose is to improve the fusion characteristics of textile materials and plastic particles.
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