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by:ORK      2020-07-04
Mixed silicone rubber products in the rubber industry is one of the more mature technology, basic in the current this kind of products will exist in every industry, its main production process is moulded by the majority, at present is also one of the many industry common production way, such as rubber, plastic and hardware punch are similar, and this process is the burr defect is products require artificial processing or other way, too much burrs affects not only beautiful and also affect the sealing performance. But then again in the cloak of hardware and plastic industry will continue to exist, it's not surprising in the nature of silicone products, mould pressing craft for silicone products using a cloak of risk bigger, and molding the cloak of burr is according to the processing way can avoid a lot of burr, the difference lies in a belongs to add in clamping curing rubber, a mould inlet port closed only to shoot glue curing, mould pressing way so naturally there is burr cloak. 1, the mould is the most important one of the reasons why a cloak, such as lower steel material in the mold side would because long-term environmental temperature and strength of aging, knife edge and the demolition job loss is too big lead to subsequent production product cloak is more and more big, there was a problem mould processing, such as CNC milling cutter knife, precision machine level as well as tour edge of knife and so on factors causing mold precision is not high, so in terms of mould should choose a kind of high quality steel and precision machining equipment and tools, to ensure the mold parting line precision is high. 2, raw material is the key to the production of silicone products, combining with the mould, the phenomenon of the edge down the difficult problem, mainly because the material is too brittle or low tension prompted a serrated cloak and indirect fracture is difficult, particularly for some complex structure product since the split cannot do hard softness degree of precision with raw materials lead to cloak phenomenon, the greater the brittleness of high hardness products, lead to difficult to cut processing silicone products manufacturer. 3, silicone manufacturers processing problems, too many raw materials into the flash is too thick product tear phenomenon can occur easily, so the weight of the control material is the key to solve the cloak, in the process of put rubber seals such as not put lead to raw materials according to the mold surface uniform extrusion deviation in weight while trimming thin appear difficult, so the control of rubber seals and put the position has a great connection to the subsequent process. Integrated the above several reasons, on the whole mixed silicone products molding process of rubber mixing process is unable to avoid the occurrence of cape burr, and silica gel products processing factory only as far as possible will be bad and risk control system to minimum still need to control in each link above, the main problem lies in the mold itself, such as silicone mold under strict quality control, the subsequent product quality problem and production cloak to maximize control, and artificial and raw materials can be improved in the process of ascension, so as far as possible from the root problem of control. Has a modern standard workshop more than 20000 square meters, more than 30 professional technicians. Have scientific CNC processing center, vulcanization molding equipment, can open mould according to the different requirements of the customers, processing all kinds of different types, different materials of rubber seals products. Address: / ordering hotline:
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