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silicone rubber gaskets

by:ORK      2020-03-07
Silicone rubber washers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and have many different applications.
These washers are widely used in all types of industries, which can include the engineering industry, the aircraft industry, the construction industry and the catering industry.
They are usually used between two or more surfaces where a leak of fluid or air needs to be accommodated.
The surface is combined together and the silicone rubber gasket is compressed to create an excellent seal.
In the case of silicone O-rings that may require some movement, lubrication is usually achieved through a sealed fluid.
These washers can take many forms due to the properties of silicone, for example;
OMitre cut letter box shape oHorse shoe shape oO ring shape silicone has a very versatile performance due to its ability to resist extreme temperature and moisture resistance.
It is commonly used for adhesives, sealant, medical applications, cookware, insulating materials and lubricants.
Silicone is a polymer made of chemical elements, including oxygen, hydrogen and silicon.
There are several useful properties of silicone, some of which can be included;
The toxicity of OLow to thermal stability helps to resist sunlight and oxygen, etc. oNon-
Silicone washers are mechanical seals used to prevent leakage between two surfaces.
The gasket usually needs some form of compression, so it will produce some degree of yield or some form of deformation.
The gasket needs to be formed.
Silicone rubber washers are ideal for such applications. An O-
For example, the ring is a silicone gasket that is extremely versatile and is usually used in all types of pipes
Work and pipe applications even allow a small amount of movement between the two surfaces while effectively sealing them.
Different types of silicone washers can be included;
Solid silicone gasket (
Commonly used on metal closed parts)
Silicone foam gasket (otecge)
Closely related to sponge gasket)
The open battery type oInjection molded silicone gas foam gasket can be used for dust sealing or shock and vibration washers.
Sealed batteries are mainly used for environmental sealing.
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