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Silicone sealing ring processing method

by:ORK      2022-10-30
Silicone sealing ring processing method Silicone sealing ring is prepared from raw materials, rubber mixing, precision rubber mixing, mold design and production, vulcanization molding, deburring, water to rubber ring, fluorine rubber ring, o rubber ring, moisture-proof rubber ring, sealing ring cleaning, secondary vulcanization, refrigerated cargo, full inspection, packaging, shipment. Production of rubber rings, fluorine rubber rings, O-type rubber rings, moisture-proof rubber rings, sealing rubber rings, rubber and plastic products, silicone rubber products Vulcanization manufacturing process machines include rubber refiners, internal mixers, CNC machine tools, vulcanizers, rubber cutting machines machine, oven, etc. The production and processing methods of the rubber ring are as follows: 1. The design and development of the silicone sealing ring mold, the ranking is reasonable, after the mold is completed, the mold is first tested, and the product is measured to check the drawings. 2. Vulcanize the silicone seal ring, adjust the mold temperature, molding time, mold clamping force, hydraulic pressure, mold release method, etc. 3. Remove the burr of the rubber ring, especially the burr of the parting line. 4. Wash with water and at the same time clean the rubber ring. 5. For secondary vulcanization, it is necessary to control the temperature and vulcanization time. The temperature of the secondary vulcanization of rubber rings of different materials is different. 6. Refrigeration products, due to the high temperature secondary vulcanization of the rubber seals ring, the temperature is high, the next process must wait once. 7. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of each product, the quality administrator will check the specifications, appearance, hardness, oil resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, tensile strength, low temperature brittleness temperature, compression permanent deformation and other performance parameters. 8. The total number of packaging, shipping, and rubber rings has been accurately electronically weighed, and the data accuracy is very high.
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